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Sperm cells have been frozen and thawed successfully for more than 40 years. By storing your sperm, you may be able to use them for treatment in the future either in artificial insemination or other fertility treatments. You may want to discuss freezing your sperm with clinician if:

A blastocyst is an embryo that has developed for five to six days after fertilisation. With blastocyst transfer, embryos are cultured in the incubator to the blastocyst stage before they are transfered to the womb.

How does Assisted Hatching work?
Before an embryo can attach to the wall of the womb, it has to break out or ‘hatch’ from its outer layer called the zona pellucida.

The straws are then placed in goblets, and put into tanks filled with liquid nitrogen, which keeps the temperature at -196° Celsius. Once you feel  that your family is complete, and you have no further usage for your frozen embryos, you may decide to thaw them and let them regress naturally  to conceive. BFC team can discuss all your option with you.